Lilli Manis
Lillian Broox Manis   8/15/1990 – 7/12/2008

Lillian (Lilli) Broox Manis died in a tragic car collision in the early morning of July 12, 2008 on Glenwood Ave in Raleigh, NC. The car that struck her was driven by an 19-year old drunk driver. She was just one month shy of her 18th birthday, and was set to go to Earlham College in Richmond Indiana at the end of August. She is survived by her mother, Elizabeth, her father, Paul, and her younger brother, Cameron, her cat, Millo, her maternal grandmother, Lillian Hughes Webster, her paternal grandmother, Doris Manis, her uncles Mike Webster, Will Webster, Luke Manis, Thomas Manis, and her many friends from SAYF, Duke Young Writer’s Camp, Chapel Hill High School, and her many other friends whose lives she touched and loved throughout her short life. She was preceded in death by her maternal grandfather, Willie Broox Webster and her paternal grandfather, Jaye Parke Manis.

Lilli was born at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore MD.  She spent her early years living in Columbia MD, where she attended Young School and Fulton Elementary. Lilli was talented at many things, and began playing viola in third grade, practicing with her father. After moving to Chapel Hill in 1999, she went on to play in the McDougle Middle School and Chapel Hill High School orchestras, and went on the Mozart 250th concert tour in Austria in 2006. She graduated from Chapel Hill High School in June, 2008. She has been described by her family and friends as creative, independent, thoughtful, kind, sensitive, insightful, artistic, talented, humorous, easy-going and beautiful.  The family is very grateful for the memories and photos posted on the Facebook Website: “Rest In Peace Lilli Manis”.

Lilli also loved Asian Studies, and especially Japanese culture. When she was just 3, she had her first Kimono and fans. She loved manga and Japanese movies. Her favorite animals were pandas and owls, and she had a large collection of owls from around the world.

She was a talented artist in many ways, and worked in charcoal, pencil, watercolors, as well as digital media. Her favorite subjects were people, although she also drew animals, flowers and landscapes. She had a tremendous eye for light, shape and shadow. Lilli learned to draw manga both on paper and on her computer.

Lilli was a very talented writer. She attended Duke Young Writer’s Camp for four years, and has many close friends from there. She especially liked to write poetry, and went to the poetry readings at the Regulator many times. She wrote wonderful essays and had tremendous insight into how to present her arguments, support them, and convince you of her viewpoint. She really enjoyed writing and considered it as possible career. She had a web site that she worked on, and it will have her art work, poetry and short stories in the near future (

Lilli was an avid movie fan; her favorites being the Indiana Jones series, and all Harrison Ford movies in particular. She was a big fan of the BBC TV series Dr. Who, and had the whole recent series on DVD and enjoyed watching it with her family, and then over again and again with her friends.  Her musical tastes were diverse, running from classical to Mojave 3, the Decemberists and the Grateful Dead, to Indie and more punk genres.

Lilli was a great sailboat crew, racing on 2-person dinghys such as 420’s for the RTP High School Sailing team, and on Tanzer 16’s with her father and other sailors. She loved the higher winds with the spray and wind in her face, and could roll-tack and hike out with the best. She and her brother crewed together at the SAISA Gold Regatta in March, 2008, sailing for Chapel Hill High School. She designed the logo that appeared on the RTP High School sailing shirts and website. Lilli also participated in martial arts, earning a Red Belt in Taekwondo.

Lilli was going to be a freshman at Earlham college, in Richmond Indiana, to major in art and Asian studies. She always wanted to go visit Japan, and had taken 4 years of Japanese in high school.

She was loved very much and is missed by her Mom, Dad and brother Cameron tremendously.

Services were held by the Chapel Hill Friends Meeting on Saturday, July 19, 2008, at 1:00PM.

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations may be made to the “Lillian Broox Manis Travel Scholarship Fund”, at Earlham College, Alumni and Development Office, 801 National Road West, Richmond, Indiana, 47374, tel (765) 983-1313.