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Emo Simon II
Author's Comments:
There are many, many horrible things that could happen to you out here, child. And I am one of them.
Why is Simon emo, you ask?
Because he involuntarily transforms into a monstrous abomination of nature! Not only is the physical pain excruciating, but in this form he has no control at all over his actions. Due to his taste for human blood, and the unpredictability of his transformations, he is viewed in about the same light as a time bomb with very sharp teeth.
Everyone IN THE WORLD hates and fears him, and he's most likely eaten everyone he ever loved.
And will eat anyone he comes to love.
Being immortal and extremely difficult to kill, even the cold embrace of death eludes him.
Photoshop, about two hours, hand very very sore. I got sort of sloppy, but I'll just say it goes with the wild nature of the depicted demon. He doesn't have wings that I was too tired to draw. Not at all. >>;;

Curator's Notes:
Posted to deviantArt, November 23, 2006. Note: pencil drawing version will be scanned and posted under drawings. This was a work that developed over time. (2006)