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Emo Simon I
Artist's Comments:
Done in Photoshop. Took the better part of an hour. Shush. I was trying to immitate the look of charcoal and colored pencil on construction paper (my favorite medium. :D) but... I mostly use that for realism, and I mostly abuse torts for that, so the overall
This is a character of mine in a post-appocalyptic "short" story. His name is Simon, as you may have gathered from the title. I like to call him Emo Simon, because, well, he's emo.
As is the case with most characters I create, he started out as a character for one of the many D&D scenarios my brother and I attempt to create, but then get horribly distracted and end up writing backstories of EPIC proportions that completely divert our attention from roleplaying.
A hundred billion points to anyone who can guess why my little Simon is Emo.

Curator notes: Posted 22 Nov 2006 to deviantArt by pocopiumosso. (2006)