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Lilli Manis - Writing

empty butterfly

                         Looking like a lost kid
                         tears mingling with the rain
                         water tracks down your face
                         leaving dark lines in your perfect mask.
                         smile, smile, sing your song.
                         put on your powder once more
                         touch up your lips
                         and never let them see that
                         you too are human.
                         vulnerable as a paper butterfly
                         in my hand, beating your wings
                         to dust against the world.
                         enslavement, salvation
                         somewhere along the way
                         the two must have blended.
                         close your eyes butterfly.
                         so heavy is the weight
                         of being hope.
                         Wash the walls of your pink silk prison
                         always beautiful
                         perpetual perfection
                         smile, butterfly you are their strength.
                         you are a shaft of light in the dark.
                         pure as snow
                         radiance manifset
                         my fragile butterfly
                         does it hurt to be so empty?

2005 (DYWC)

In pencil, small Duke 5x7 book, page 6.

(Published 08.24.2008 , updated 08.01.2009 )