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Lilli Manis - Writing

Lady with a letter

                                   Lady with a letter
                                   not gettin' any better
                                   headed to the river for a long, long swim
                                   Ghost of a woman
                                   no on sees her comin'
                                   she doesn't yet regret what she's done to him
                                   Man's goin' crazy
                                   everything is getti' hazy
                                   morbid thoughts make shadows dance around the room
                                   keepin' secrets, he is nothin'
                                   though is sin is long forgotten
                                   Solace will elude him till he's in his tomb
                                   This is what the world does to you
                                   this is what our love puts us through
                                   this is what it makes us into
                                   this is the price of knowing the truth
                                   ethereal child,
                                   like an angle gone wild
                                   seems to understand so much she does not know
                                   smiling little devil
                                   on another level
                                   loyal to the scarlet brand that makes her so


Written as song lyrics, pencil, one page. Top indicates: 2 6 line verses, 4-line choruses, 4 vocal words.
The back side has some notes relating to "Hesters song": "Running dry", by Neil Young, and "Pearl's Song": "Creatures of Love", by Talking Heads, plus some notes. May or may not be related to these lyrics.....

(Published 09.24.2008 , updated 08.01.2009 )